Observation Systems


STERNA family - all STERNA Precision Target Location Systems (PTLS) are based on Vectronix` new and unrestricted north-finding capability providing very precise target coordinates, even in magnetically charged or GPS-denied settings meeting the requirements of multiple mission scenarios. ​STERNA`s extreme lightweight design – with a total system weight starting at below 4 kg - makes it the first true man-portable solution of its kind. Depending on the mission profile, users can select today from 4 mission-ready STERNA system solutions providing independent north finding, eye-safe long distance laser range finding, brilliant day view optics plus the required night view capabilities. STERNA PTLS seamlessly integrates the performances of the well-known observation products PLRF25, VECTOR, MOSKITO, MOSKITO TI and JIM LR (LRTV). All 5 system configurations are in production stage, ready for orders and deliveries. The targeting advantage of STERNA PTLS over other solutions reduces collateral damage while achieving a high first-round / fire-for-effect accuracy. STERNA PTLS are designed to accomplish around-the-clock missions, totally independent, under worst weather and environmental conditions. The flexibility of STERNA PTLS allows for a perfect match with the requirements of today’s Close Air Support, Forward Observer, Forward Air Controller or Joint Tactical Air Controller.

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Gonio Light Modular System is the latest Digital Observation Station utilizes state – art – technology to offer the best performance to weight ration for your “eyes on the ground”. Different configurations are available and it can be customized for use with many other range finders, thermal imagers or multifunctional devices.

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