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ECA Group is at the heart of the Land Forces area today playing a prominent role in the design and delivery of state of the art robotic systems. ECA Group ground and aerial robotic solutions provide a formidable capability to forces deployed worldwide in the most challenging of high threat environments.

ECA Group’s range of mobile unmanned ground and aerial vehicles are specifically designed for fast deployment in harsh and dangerous areas.  They are an integral component of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) process.  Providing Force Protection and situation awareness these unmanned vehicles perform vital reconnaissance, inspection and EOD missions.  From search and location to defeating Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), landmines and other types of explosives, they put themselves in harm’s way to save life.  These impressive robots are particularly useful for Military asset and convoy protection.


The COBRA MK2 is a Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) designed to be portable by a single soldier and conduct military operations in all urban terrains, tunnels, sewers, caves, etc. The COBRA  MK2  aids  in  the  performance  of  urban  Intelligence,  Surveillance  and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, IED neutralization, chemical and radiological detection.

Working to minimize Soldiers‘ exposure directly to the hazards, the COBRA MK2‘s modular design  allows  multiple  payloads  to be  integrated  in a  plug-and-play  fashion  and  in  the field. Weighing around 6 kg, the robot is capable of carrying up to 5 kg of payload weight. 

Designed  to  meet  the  last  infantry  and  homeland  security requirements,  the  robot  exists  in  several configurations:


  • Tactical mobile UGV for reconnaissance in urban warfare
  • Collect information and keep safe field operatives


  • Suspicious package processing (IEDs)
  • Explosive device processing (EODs)


  • Chemical and radiological detection

The COBRA MK2 has been designed to conduct fast reconnaissance firstly in urban environment and to carry mission modules such as IED disruptor. The Cobra mechanical design is the perfect trade off between speed and payload capability:

  • The robot is equipped with dual-range proportional speed controls:
    • Slow: 0 to 2 km/h (0,55 m/s)
    • Fast: up to 4 km/h (1,1 m/s) or up to 6 Km/h (1,66 m/s) in option
  • On-spot rotation
  • Obstacle clearance (without any modules): 9 cm
  • Payload capability: 5 Kg
  • Range of remote control:
  • Max radio range: up to 250 meters depending on environment
  • Max cable range: 300 meters expendable fiber optic (option)
  • Slope and inclination: up to 40° depending on configuration and ground prope

Mission Modules:

  • 12,5 & 20 mm Disruptors
  • PTZ Day/Night Camera
  • Dropping Module
  • Various Chemical & Radiological Sensors


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