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Military Bore and Industrial Tube Cleaning systems


Airnesco develops and produces the Bore Cleaning Systems that clean all types of smooth, rifled, chromed and steel barrels and the Industrial Tube Cleaning Systems which have been supplied globally. The barrel cleaning system can be supplied to clean barrels from 20mm up to 203mm and a wide variety of steel and nylon brushes are available to suit. The industrial tube cleaning systems can be supplied to clean straight tubes from 12,5 mm to 336 mm, curved from 20 mm to 336 mm and can be used brass or plastic brushes (replacement of steel brushes). The system can boast one-man, maintenance free, speedy operation and can be transported anywhere in its sturdy container. An air-powered, fast, effective and one-man operation are the major advantages of this superior management equipment.


Military and Aerospace

The system has been developed to meet three key requirements.

Industrial and Commercial

The Industrial Tube Cleaning product range has been in production for more than 70 years.