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Logos Imaging LLC is a privately held small business entity with Headquarters in Loveland, CO having offices in California and Tel Aviv.

Logos Imaging aims to be the manufacturer of the most innovative and reliable total X-ray solutions to security users. Logos Imaging also aims to be a leading worldwide supplier of innovative and cost-effective X-ray solutions to security and industrial users. We will achieve this while continuing to provide excellent value to all of our customers. 

Product Line:

Computed Radiography (CR) Systems: 

The LOGOS Digital Imaging System offers users a truly portable Computed Radiography (CR) product designed to be field deployable. The system uses thin, flexible, storage phosphor plates as the imaging medium. A smaller, one-man portable design is highly appreciated by customers.

CR systémy:

Direct Radography (DR) Systems: 

Logos Direct Radiography (DR) portable imaging system is a lightweight, man or robot deployable, EOD/IEDD portable x-ray solution. With its superb image resolution, wide image format, and fast image acquisition, the Logos portable x-ray system is an ideal, cost-effective digital x-ray tool for your everyday imaging needs.

DR systémy:

DR systems Imaging Flat Panels:

Imaging Flat Panels technology TFT Amorphous Silicon with excedent resolution and sensitivity, AD conversion 16 bits offer the smallest botám border available (7,5 mm bottom dead space).   

X-Ray Sources:

  • Logos CR and DR Systems are using portable X-ray units used for security and light industrial applications. Advantages of these pulsed X-ray machines include superior penetrating ability, exceptional safety, easy operation, and minimal weight. 
  • Golden Engineering XR Series
  • CHRÓMA Dual Energy Module

Logos Imaging User friendly EOD Software LIA:

  • Compatible with all Logos Imaging Devices (CR/DR)
  • Organic Discrimination Available
  • Object Detection Available
  • Compare similar devices and identify unique components
  • DICONDE Images
  • ÓRATOS Filter i.e. Custom algorithm with multiple user-adjustable parameters
  • Filter Parameterization i.e. allows users to refine performance by adjusting filter settings
  • Well Know Platform
  • Over 10,000 LIA Licenses Distributed

Official site: www.logosimaging.com



Address NIDES s.r.o.
Tuřanka 1222/115, Slatina
627 00 Brno
Czech republic
Phone(+420) 532 124 210
Home pagewww.nides.cz
Reg No282 98 764
VAT NoCZ 282 98 764
Bank details3832272379/0800
Česká spořitelna
 The company NIDES Ltd. is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File No. 59557

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