NIDES - The mobile unscrewer of ammunition fuzes MOZ-1

NIDES in tight cooperation with pyrotechnic specialists developed and manufactures unique mobile unscrewer of ammunition fuzes MOZ -1. The mobile unscrewer of ammunition fuzes is designed for secure remote removal of unexploded dangerous ammunition fuzes (ammunition, mines), tubular bombs or projectiles from cartridges. Hallmarks of MOZ-1 structure is simple, solid design with powerful electric motor and spindle head with interchangeable gripper jaws for the fuzes attachment and accurately variably adjustable mounting system for the attachement of the ammunition . The gripping coincidental rotational movement of the spindle together with the linear movement of mounting system ensures trouble free dismounting and removing fuzes or eject fuzes from the ammunition body (mines). The course of the process operator monitors a camera system where one camera captures detail jaw and the second captures the general. Remote control is provided via unscrewer operator console.

MOZ-1 technical parameters:

Dimensions: L2000 x W1000 x H650mm
Weight: up to 120 kg
Spin head output torque:1500 Nm, for a short term 2750 Nm
Pulling power:10 000 Nm
Spin head revolution speed:0 – 6,3 ot/min, infinitely adjustable, left/right
Spindle head jaws: three-points, standard
Types of jaws for fuzes gripping: straight, 2 types; slope, 6 types
Linear movement speed:0 – 100 mm/min, forward/back
Range of ammunition dimensins:lenght from 120 – 800 mm, diameter 10 – 225 mm
Maximal weight of ammunition:Max. 80 kg
Range of spin head fastening diameter:10 – 100 mm  
Imaging system:2x Day CCD TV high sensitive cameras with HD resolution
Display:notebook, 15“ record of pictures or video images 
Remote control:up to 100 m, cable
Remote control operating:via operator konsole 
Power supply:220 V/50 Hz
Mounting method ammunition to MOZ-1:manually
Attendance:2 operators
Transportation:standard pick-up car, VW Transporter etc.



Gripper jaws: Slope, straight – technical drawing is needed.
Communication system:Duplex wireless communication between control position and unscrewer position, max. distance up to 200 m. 
Spindle head jaws:four-points





Address NIDES s.r.o.
Tuřanka 1222/115, Slatina
627 00 Brno
Czech republic
Phone(+420) 532 124 210
Reg No282 98 764
VAT NoCZ 282 98 764
Bank details3832272379/0800
Česká spořitelna
 The company NIDES Ltd. is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File No. 59557

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