TELEROB – Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Observation Robots

TELEROB product range includes mobile unmanned platforms with manipulators for taking of samples of suspicious substances; vehicles equipped with state – of – the – art robots for detecting and disarming of improvised explosive, incendiary devices and also for detection, investigation of chemical, biological or toxic substances. 


The EOD ROBOT tEODor is an Explosive Ordnance Disposal and observation robot, robust, reliable and flexible in use, the innovative bomb disposal system provides a maximum degree of safety and protection. The basic vehicle is designed as a twin track vehicle. Extremely good maneuverability, good properties on open grand and the ability to climb at angles of up to 45° characterize the running gear that is equipped with sprung rollers. You can control the robot either by radio or by using 300 m fiber optics cable.

The highlights:

  • Programmable 6 – axis manipulator with rotating turret and with linear axis
  • Magazine for three additional EOD devices, with automatic tool change
  • Parallel operation of up to five firing systems with maximum of ten separate shots
  • Universal interfaces to connect to all current firing systems and rich accessories
  • Built – in diagnostic system with remote maintenance module.
  • Strong manipulator arm lifts up to 100 kg
  • CBRN sensors available

The EOD ROBOTS teleMAX family

This basic principle applies with special force if the situation involves working in confined spaces.

In all cases where the big robot tEODor cannot be used its little brother telemax provides that vital distance between the bomb disposal engineer and the explosive device that can mean the difference between life and death: in aircraft, in subways, in buses or other means of public transport.

Based on the proven system that is in service with multiple security forces world wide, manufacturer is offering a whole family of telemax robots.

From now you can make your choice between:

  • the 4-wheel driven - telemax 4x4
  • the full-option - telemax PRO
  • the big and powerful - telemax PLUS
  • the counter CBRN version - telemax CBRN

The highlights: 

  • Programmable manipulator with Tool Centre Point kontrol capability.
  • Excellent mobility through 4-track running gear or all-wheel drive 
  • 7-axis manipulator with rotating turret
  • Very high reach through telescope and chassis that can be adjusted for height
  • Two tool magazines with automatic tool change
  • Universal charger with intelligent battery management for Li-ion and NiMh technology
  • Universal interfaces suitable for a full set of tools, sensors and accessories
  • Built-in diagnostic systém

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