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TELEROB An AeroVionment

EOD robot Telemax EVO PRO

The compact design and seven-axis telescopic manipulator of this four-track UGV make it ideal for hard-to-reach locations.


Lifting capacity:max. 20 kg
Mission Duration:up to 10 hours
Max. batteries:up 2 pcs

EOD robot Telemax EVO HYBRID

Fitting into confined spaces yet capable of lifting up to 37 kg, this four-track UGV is well-suites for EOD and CBRN applications.


Lifting capacity:max. 37 kg 
Mission Duration:up to 10 hours
Max. batteries:up to 2 pcs

EOD robot Telemax EVO PLUS

This four-track UGV is the logical choice for the most demanding situations. It combines exceptional lifting capacity up to 80 kg with a double payload bay.


Lifting capacity:max. 80 kg
Mission Duration:up to 12 hours
Max. batteries:up to 4 pcs