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Environmental exposure over the time has chemical and/or physical effects on ammunition and often leads to a critical in-situ situation of UXO. Conventional Render Safe Procedure (RSP) is very often not feasible without contacting or shifting UXO. Blasting of UXO is so far used as a final RSP causing partly heavy collateral damages.

Under water detonations additionally create severe environmental damages by harming or killing marine life.


MACE is the portable, multi – component water jet cutting unit for EOD application. Remote controlled, hands free operating and deactivating of bombs, shells, mines etc. in all environments and without the risk, so the MACE system is particularly suited for cutting large-calibre unexploded ammunition.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for EOD
  • 700 bar
  • Portable
  • Up to 500 m distance from UXO
  • Cutting time approx. 20 min with one filling of abrasive
  • Also available as XL version (cutting time approx. 450 min with one filling of abrasive)