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Military packaged hybrid generator

Cmca group

MPHG-002 28V DC 2 kW

The MPHG-002 28V DC 2 kW diesel generator utilise high performance permanent magnet generator with the inclusion of a 24V AGM battery pack smoothing the output and handling stepped loads and power surges.

Highligts – panel

Power output:28V DC 2 kW
Power interface:NATO/STANAG 4070 socket 
D38999 18 way socket 
5V USB socket 
DC charge socket 
Power protection:Manual reset 80A
Human interface:Ruggedised Digital interface with 4.3” LED Screen and command buttons
Operating modes:Continuous Power on Demand
Auto Start/Stop Battery charging
Standby (Remote Command or External Auto start/Stop)
Dimensions:L: 470 mm, W: 370 mm, H: 450 mm
Weight:50 kg