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The Dynasafe Group is an international organisation specializing in the removal and management of UXO (unexploded ordnance), CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, explosives) and other hazardous materials. Dynasafe has over twenty years of experience operating in regions affected by land mines, UXO or terrorist activity. We have the expertise to deliver disposal and protection systems as one integrated solution.


DYNASAFE builds best-in-class chambers for total containment of various effects caused by explosions (e.g. fragments, pressure, temperature, toxic materials, etc.).

The product range includes different sizes, protection levels, implementations and options, to meet different requirements.


  • Highest safety 
  • Gastight 
  • Doubled Sealing system 
  • Patented locking mechanism 
  • Opening and loading 
  • Rotating opening 
  • Rated charge capacity 
  • Repetitive use 
  • Aftermarket package 
  • Technology 
  • Radiation shield

Gas-tight chambers:

Suppression chambers:

As a complement to the containment technologies, we develop radio controlled units, customized to perform bomb disposal from a safe distance.

We integrate advanced bomb disposal systems for customer-specific needs, including chosen parts of the above mentioned technologies, into integrated systems. 

DYNASAFE Protection System

offers solutions for protection against the effects of explosions, to customer segments such as:

  • DEFENCE (e.g. EOD-teams)
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT (e.g. SWAT-teams)
  • AIRPORTS (e.g. security check points)
  • PUBLIC SECURITY (e.g. security companies) and
  • INDUSTRY & RESEARCH (e.g. laboratories)

DYNASAFE core products are chambers for total containment of effects caused by explosions (e.g. fragments, pressure, temperature, toxic materials). Should you need tailored solutions then DYNASAFE has the ability to provide what you need.

Official site: www.dynasafe.com



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