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Public Safety



For everyday use in public areas, the DynaKEEPR L-series includes a specially designed and manufactured bomb proof litterbin that will withstand detonations and prevent high speed fragments and blast injuring surrounding persons in the event of a detonation from inside to bin.


DynaSEALR P series

The DynaSEALR P series of portable explosion containment chambers are designed for the safe storage and transport of explosive, toxic materials, or a combination of both. After the suspect object is loaded into the vessel and the unit is closed, it can be moved to a safer location where EOD experts are able to investigate the object without danger to the public or property.



This large explosive containment chamber is designed for the safe transport of large amounts of unstable munitions. The most common application is stockpile movement from storage to destructions facilities but can also be applicable in a variety of applications involving hazardous material transport. The X16 is designed to resist impacts, punctures, and totally contain any hazardous gases in the case of chemical leaks or detonation.